This Fashion Revolution week, if you are wearing Buddha Wear, know that you can easily answer the question "Who Made Your Clothes?"

At Buddha Wear, we strive to be as socially and ethically responsible as we can be, and this is particularly true when it comes to our staff. We know our staff well, and we know their families.

Our permanent "Wear Fair" policy means our staff receive a fair wage and benefits such as subsidized meals and childcare, plus health benefits. We take time to celebrate important cultural ceremonies - and Bali has plenty of these, which makes it so special in the first place and occasions that matter to each individual.

Our manufacturing premises are spacious and comfortable. We do our best to ensure our employees enjoy coming to work for us, and many have been with us for years. We also offer work to highly skilled people, particularly women, in more remote areas in Bali, who can then remain at home to raise their children while contributing to the family wage and building their own self-esteem.

Buddha Wear items are not produced in a sweatshop; every step of our production process is overseen by us. If we must outsource, we visit locations firsthand to ensure staff conditions are still fair. We campaign for other companies to commit more to the people who make it all happen where it can.

So who made your clothes? Balinese workers who receive a fair wage and work under respectful conditions, that's who!


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