Wear Fair

Buddha Wear designs clothes for women of integrity, so producing garments with integrity is very much the cornerstone of our business.
Our ‘Wear Fair’ policy means more than fair conditions and a fair wage. Buddha Wear contributes to our employees’ healthcare and childcare costs, plus we take the time to celebrate important cultural ceremonies and occasions that matter to each individual.
Our manufacturing premises are spacious and comfortable, and we work hard to ensure our employees enjoy coming to work for us; many, in fact, have remained loyal for years.
We also offer work to highly skilled people, particularly women, in more remote areas where childcare is non-existent. This means women can work at home to earn an income while still caring for children and carrying out their home duties. With the opportunity to work for Buddha Wear comes the prospect of contributing to the family wage and the greater community, and to build self-esteem.
The exploitation of garment factory workers was highlighted tragically with Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza collapse in 2013. Conditions like those endured by workers there are unfortunately a common reality of the global clothing manufacturing business. Buddha Wear vehemently opposes treating workers poorly. The welfare of our workers is paramount. We campaign for other companies to commit more to the people who make it all happen.