Our Tie Dye Production

Pak Kadek Dika Batik

We found family-trained Pak Kadek via a runner who was searching for an artisan who could produce hand-dyed fabric for us some five years ago. Pak Kadek works in his home workshop to produce samples for us, and once we give them the okay, he produces larger quantities in his factory. Here he employs around 20 co-workers and produces perhaps 200 to 300 pieces per day. Pak Kadek’s unique method of artisanal dyeing is tie-dyed inspired and evocative of traditional Indonesian batik.

When BuddhaWear started 14 years ago, we were very tie-dye focused, but since then we have elevated the classic hippy look of yesteryear into something more modern and elegant. We love how Pak Kadek is always exploring new techniques and experimenting with colour, adjusting his approach to create beautiful and unique fabrics. Pak Kadek pops into our office about once a week just to see how we are doing and what we need him to do.