Pak Ari

In Bali, prints are produced by hand rather than digitally using machines, which makes the work much more labour intensive. We work with several different screen-printing shops because we need such large quantities of fabric in various styles, so no one workshop can supply everything. This spreads our risk if something goes wrong—as it can with screen-printing due to weather and supply chain challenges—but more importantly at the same time we support many small artisans and their families.

Pak Ari, introduced to us by our head of production, has been working with us for three years and is one such professional artisan. Working with around 100 co-workers in his shop, he knows the various kind of materials we like to work with inside out, and produces to the very high standards he knows BuddhaWear customers demand. His workshop can produce up to around 600 metres of beautiful fabric in a day; when a single shirt in a BuddhaWear collection might take up to 800 metres of fabric, producing this volume of production while maintaining exemplary quality is impressive!