Working towards sustainability is something BuddhaWear pursues every day, and in many ways.

First and foremost, we try to reduce our waste. We make the most of everything we have. For instance, we use our fabric offcuts to make scrunchies—and these have already turned into an all-time best-seller for us. We use offcuts to line our BuddhaWear bags, we’ve just started making beeswax wraps, and we are working on creating little pouches for bamboo straws. Leftovers so tiny that we can’t use them for anything else ourselves are sold as filling for mattresses. We don’t throw away any fabric at all. This works for the benefit of our customers, because the less waste we have, the lower our prices can be. It’s a win for the environment, for us and for our customers. Naturally we also recycle, working in conjunction with Eco Bali. All our staff have their own water bottles, which they refill as often as they like all day. We have reusable tote bags in our retail stores rather than plastic. One challenge we continue to work on is finding an alternative to the plastic packaging we use for shipping our clothes to stockists. We experimented with cassava bags, but these melted; we are all ears if any customer has a solution!

[For complaints about plastic: We are working on finding alternate methods of packaging our clothes when we ship to stockists. We have tried several other options, such as cassava packaging, but these have not worked with long-distance shipments (the cassava melts!). This is the problem with plastic: It’s so useful, while also being damaging to the environment. We are open to any suggestions.]