Ni Made Entiasih is our head production assistant. She is responsible for updating the production data, providing support to our designers and assisting the production manager.











This is Gunawan Suseno, our logistics manager. He updates our website, takes care of all our stock, and arranges all our worldwide shipments.














This is Made Raton Ratmininiasih, one of our production assistants. She is responsible for the organization, control and inventory tracking of all the trimmings that we use to make our garments.


















Fajar Ibrahim and Wayan Agus Arimbawa are our two graphic designers. They are responsible for designing and creating visual concepts, both for online and the stores. They also create our weekly newsletters and the catalogues for each collection.










This is Vivin Zikrina Sari. She is part of our factory team and is responsible for packing garments before they arrive in our warehouse.











Gede Somadanayasa is one of our pattern makers. He is one of the reasons why your Buddha Wear clothes fit so perfectly.












This is Ayu Mai Astari, our office administrator. She coordinates all our office activities, like scheduling office appointments, updating databases, supervising staff and communicating with our suppliers.










Wayan Budarawa is another of our talented pattern makers.










This is Kadek Chandra. She is part of our factory team and is responsible for the quality control of garments before tags and logos are attached.